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Tacos at Home, Part 2: My Favorite Tacos in Scranton

Last week I wrote about my favorite tacos in Philly. And while I still head to Philly on the regular, I absolutely needed a local spot for my taco fix. Enter Italo’s. This place was among a few suggested to me, but honestly it won as my first spot to try because, well, margaritas.

I’ve been to Italo’s a few times and have had their nachos, tostadas (If you read last week’s post, you know about my love of tostadas) their burritos, and of course, their tacos. All delish. Very authentic, unless of course you don’t want them to be at the moment, which is what happened this last visit. I just really wanted tex-mex style tacos, all slopped up with shredded cheese and lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a heap of crema.

They were delicious and exactly what I was craving at the moment. Mostly I’m more of a tradiotnal taco person- usually steak and topped with the classic combo of onion, cilantro, lime, and crema. I’ve had that version at Italo’s as well, and they are also great- they do both styles of taco very well.

And what goes better with a taco than a margarita? Nothing. Maybe a mexican coke, but I can’t really compare a coke to a margarita, so I just won’t try.

There she is there in the background. If you are going to get a margarita here, or anywhere for that matter, I always say start here- classic, on the rocks, with salt. If that’s really good (AKA made with a few fresh ingredients, NO MIX!), you can feel pretty safe venturing out with a flavor or two (personally, nothing beats a classic for me, but I have had a few alternatives that were pretty darn good) of course there are a few sips taken out of this little lady, because sometimes that happens when your drink is very good and you just have to have some before you snap a picture.
In the foreground is my partner in crime’s burrito. Also with a bite taken out of it. Because sometimes you are damn hungry and just need to take a bite of your food before your girlfriend takes her beauty shot. In true burrito fashion, this one was massive and stuffed to the gills with good stuff. It was also thoroughly enjoyed.
If you haven’t been yet, definitely go to Italo’s now. It is Taco Tuesday after all. Find their deets below.

Italo’s Restaurant
731 Pittston Ave Scranton, PA
S, M, T, TH- 11AM-10PM
Fri-Sat- 11AM-11PM
street parking
Full Bar

If you haven’t already, check out last week’s Day Trip Post where I share my Favorite Philly Taco Spots. Have you been to any of these spots? Have a favorite you want to share? Leave it in the comments below, or head over to Instagram and drop us a comment there.

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