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Spotlight: Cheesecake & Beer, A Love Story


We were invited to Kildaire’s by chef Ross Lindsay for their Valentine’s Day beer pairing dinner. The menu featured four courses, the fourth being one of the lightest NY style cheesecake’s I’ve had to date, but more on that later. Each course was paired with a specialty beer.

The dinner was held in a cozy room that was warmed with detailed woodwork on the walls, chairs, and tables- classic Irish pub style. The dining area was separated enough to make the space feel intimate, but open enough to the main bar so you still felt part of the action.

Our first course was a pairing of hash brown- texture potato “cups” filled with the traditionally delish topping of cheese, bacon, sour cream, and chives. The potato skins were paired with Great Lakes Brewing Company Holy Moses White Ale.

The second course was a pear and blue cheese salad. Baby lettuces, juicy pear, and blue cheese came together in a balsamic dressing made with white pils. The salad was paired with Great Lakes Turntable Pils.

The third course was a 10oz espresso-dusted sirloin Au Poivre, served aside garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. The espresso pulled great flavor from the steak and a drizzle of sweet balsamic atop the asparagus created a great flavor profile against the bite of the espresso. The main course was paired with Commodore Perry IPA.

And now, for the dessert course. I wasn’t sure of what to expect from this pairing of beer and cheesecake. But when our server came out with a porter it made a little more sense. The smooth, dark richness of the porter paired perfectly with the cheesecake. And that Cheesecake I mentioned earlier? It was perfectly light, just sweet enough, and topped with caramel made with Edmund Fitzgerald porter (the same beer it was paired with) and a tart berry compote. A perfect way to end the meal.

The dinner was Irish classic pub fare-skins, salad, steak- but was elevated with its thoughtful pairings and special preparations, the highlights of which were the espresso dusting on the steak, and the pairing of the porter with fruit and caramel-topped cheesecake.

Service was great throughout the meal and our server, Chris, was happy to give us all the details on the beer for each course.

We’re looking forward to heading back to Kildaire’s this Spring and Summer to take advantage of their outside seating and check out more menu offerings.

Kildaire’s Irish Pub

119 Jefferson Ave

Scranton, PA



Open daily 11AM-2AM

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