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Eat Out: Cocoon Coffee House & Cocktails at The Ridge (Hawley, PA)



Last weekend we started the day at Cocoon Coffee house in Hawley, PA. Looking for a nice place to work out of for the afternoon I remembered Cocoon from a recent write up for a holiday event. A unique spot, Cocoon is a coffee house that serves coffee, tea, pastries, lunch items, and…alcohol. Want a shot of bailey’s or Whiskey in your coffee? Done. Want a beer with your muffin? Done. How do they pull that off? The owner of Cocoon uses his liquor license for the entire property-a property which houses Ledges Hotel, a marketplace of  unique shops, and Glass Wine Bar. All of these buildings are part of Hawley Silk Mill, which happens to be the largest laid bluestone building in the world. Truly unique and tucked away, yet very accessible a few turns off of Hamlin Highway, Cocoon (and the rest of the Hawley silk Mill compound) are definitely worth a weekend drive.

Enough work- onto cocktail hour. We drove down a few miles to The Ridge, an old school Italian restaurant that is part of the Hotel Belvidere (also in Hawley). Confession, I have an obsession with hotel bars. The Ridge fit the bill. Small bar, located right off of the quaint main lobby, great menu, and they even offer a gluten-free option as a substitute with their pasta courses. Look for an update on this post after I eat there in a few weeks. But for now, I can tell you the service and the cocktails were both great.

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